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In a tough job market, in particular, increased levels of expertise can help you stand out among your peers. Should you want or need to change careers or increase business additional education is often necessary. Are you interested in being a step ahead of your peers, saving time and being more knowledgeable? This amazing combination of expertise will help you to be more marketable, efficient and increase your earning potential.
Here’s how it works:
A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Customer Loyalty, Project Management expert from a highly successful Fortune 20 company will provide hands-on instruction so within 3 hours you will easily understand:
  • Six Sigma and Lean practices, the difference, and how they complement one another (DMAIC and DMADV)
  • Who are the key players in successful Six Sigma implementation
  • How to create loyal enthusiast that promote growth instead of satisfied unenthusiastic customers who will jump ship quickly or unhappy detractors who spread negative comments/reviews
  • What is Net Promoter Score (NPS) (Customer Loyalty)?
  • How to calculate Net Promoter Score?
  • Why use NPS?
  • How to improve your NPS score
  • How to put all of this information together to make you a SUPERSTAR!
You can use this training to:
  • Learn new marketable skills to highlight on your resume or brush up your current knowledge
  • Be useful for your job, attractive to future employers or your personal business
  • Gain expert knowledge
  • Strengthen relationships between clients and business contacts
  • Streamline either your personal or business life
What else do I receive?
    • Certificate of completion in Fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma and Customer Loyalty
    • Free snacks and refreshments
    • Printed handouts to take notes and reference
    • 70% Discount off our standard rate of $250 to ONLY $75 ( Leadership training 78% discount!)
    • Rare invaluable expert Fortune 20 knowledge that companies spend millions acquire

What are the qualities of a strong Leader?  Robin Ark Consultants Fundamentals of Leadership seminar will guide students to develop leadership skills that are heavily sought in both the public and private sectors of the business world.

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